1. Is BCLSF a 501(c)3? Yes, the foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization with a mission to support and shape the libraries within the Burlington County Library System as fundamental community resources.
  2. How can I be involved?
    • Make a donation. Bequests, sponsorships, and beneficiary designations are available.

    • Join the foundation. Memberships, individual or corporate, are available.
    • Volunteer. Donate your time and volunteer to support upcoming BCLSF events.
  3. What is The Commons? The Commons are redesigned and reconfigured areas where community can come together to meet, collaborate, and share ideas. We’re planning on different hubs and learning centers equipped with 3D printers, collaborative technology, mobile lounge seating, projectors, and more.
  4. What are Early Learning Centers? Early Learning Centers are redesigned spaces where families can spend time reading about futuristic cars then switch gears to creating futuristic vehicles using LEGO building blocks. The spaces will allow for family time, create learning opportunities, and expand our children’s creative potential.