Grant-Funded Computer Installed at Crosswicks Library Company

BCLS Crosswicks AWE 042617 1

BCLS Director Ranjna Das (seated at the new AWE Early Literacy Computer at the Crosswicks Library Company) is joined by (from left) Lynn Sichel, president of the board of trustees of the Crosswicks Library Company, and Burlington County Library System Foundation members Ralph Shrom and Patricia Lindsay-Harvey, vice president.

A new computer designed to challenge young minds in a kid-friendly, safe learning environment is now available at the Crosswicks Library Company thanks to the efforts of the Burlington County Library System Foundation.

A non-profit, volunteer group that seeks funds to support our libraries, the foundation applied for and was awarded a $2,500 grant from the Kinder Morgan Foundation in July 2016. The money was used to provide the new AWE Early  Literacy Computer at the Crosswicks Library, which was incorporated in 1817 to serve the needs of the community of Chesterfield. Installed last year, the new AWE computer has more than 70 preloaded applications with a touchscreen game-play option for ages 2 to 12, a color-coded keyboard for building computer literacy, and a small, color-coded mouse designed just for kids. All games are educational and many incorporate STEM-based learning activities. Basically, the new computer keeps the focus on learning, but delivers it in a fun and accessible way!

BCLS Crosswicks AWE 042617 2

Evelyn plays with the AWE computer after Story Time with Miss Lynn.

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Early Learning Centers

The Early Learning Centers will take existing library spaces and redesign them to facilitate learning with a little fun factored in. Imagine spaces where families can spend time reading books about futuristic cars and then switch gears to creating futuristic vehicles using Lego building blocks. These spaces allow for family time; they create learning opportunities; and they expand our children’s creative potential.
What will be in these spaces? We would like to see toys, lego tables, pretend stations, comfortable living room style seating so families can lounge with their children and read stories. We want to add computers designed for children, computers that don’t have the distractions found online. These computers have specialized games that keep the focus on learning but deliver it in a fun and accessible way.
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Kids can learn while having fun!

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Building 21st Century Libraries: Places to Meet, Collaborate, Tinker, Design, Learn and Create

The Commons we have in mind will take existing spaces that are redesigned and reconfigured to facilitate learning and creating? Take that a step further and imagine spaces where the community could come together to meet, collaborate and share ideas.
The Burlington County Library System is envisioning each library with these spaces, known collectively as our
Learning Commons. We are planning digital media labs, co-working spaces and collaborative rooms to help our dynamic community make the best of their talents and creativity.
What will be in these spaces? We would like to see 3D printers, comfortable and mobile lounge seating, collaborative technology and lots or programming to help the ideas flow!

This summer library staff took their first Makerbot 3D printer on a roadshow. Staff at each branch location hosted the device and showcased it to the public.

Over 1,000 community members discovered the potential of this new device and wanted to learn more. Library staff are currently designing classes to introduce the public to 3D printing.

Who knows what library customers will create with a little training and access to new technology?

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